W-28 Operation Logs 2

Second Report Related To Operation Think Before Asking

Day 2 Continued


Confused statement: It appears that Doctor Algernop has decided to accompany us for some reason. While he knows we are Firewall agents most likely, he has no idea what we are doing here or why. His decision to accompany us is slightly weird.


Report: Attempted to fake a murder attempt on Algernop so he could get the Asgardians to trust him when he says someone is trying to kill him and he needs protection. Accidentally murdered an Asgardian. Asgardians blame Algernop and have dragged him off. I am in pursuit.


Delighted report: It appears that the Asgardians bought Algernop’s story, but yet, at the same time, they seem to hate him enough that instead of helping they dragged him off to a stone altar and tied him to it. Fine by me, made it possible for me to lob the vial with nanobots at the leader of the Asgardians.
Addendum: I suppose I have to go help Algernop out. Luckily I have this sack I found.


Report: Algernop is still in the sack.

Day 3


Report: We got an audience with the captain of Landau Landau, the ship on which the anti-materia had supposedly been carried. We really should have thought of a cover story before we went to talk to him.
Addendum: I think Algernop is starting to like the sack. Freaky organic [CENSORED].


Declaration: This entire bloody thing is a bloody stupid goose chase. The suspects we have been following are supposedly part of the Christian Engineers of Titan, but seem really suspicious, and they have apparantely been travelling to several different habitats.
Addendum: Sometimes Algernop is not wearing pants. I hate Algernop.


Report: We have figured out where the Engineers ended up at, some sort of retreat for some Cerub-cult. I do not have particular interest in religion myself, even if some forms of it are interesting to observe, so I have no idea what to expect. Seems like some doomsday cult, hopefully not too crazy. There is going to be a week’s flight time. Urgh.
Declaration: I will only give reports on very important, or very annoying events during the trip.

Day 4

Report: I wish Algernop would cease to exist.

Day 6

Report: This has to be the most dull shuttle trip I have ever been on. Also the worst since Algernop is here and exists. At least the sack muffles him a bit.

Day 10


Exatic report: FINALLY! WE ARE THERE! Now Algernop goes into the sack and things might get better again.
Addendum: Hopefully the place isn’t a creepy shithole.



W-28 Operation Logs 2

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