Mona Choovanski

"Journalism is just a gun. It's only got one bullet in it, but if you aim right, that's all you need. Aim it right, and you can blow a kneecap off the world."


Gonzo journalist, blogger, pundit wannabe. Does columns and Sunday strips for the pro-neotenic-uplift magazine Deject to make a living, but off the clock, spends most of her free time mucking about with an ever-growing collection of on-and-off art projects (mostly female nudes) and fighting games. Has the money to scrape by, but not much else – with Firewall gigs on the horizon, that’s most certainly subject to change. Hates alarm clocks. Doesn’t wear shoes or footwear unless made to. Snarky, coarse, bluntly honest and prone to making sexual advances on anything that moves, but when you need a sweet-talker or a social butterfly of the finest quality, she’s your gal.

Shipping prospects towards Joshua Ferrara due to mutual interest in fighting games. Furry test applies.



Has partial tiger DNA, resulting in an above-average physique, reflexes and appetite, along with the more obvious tell-tale signs like whiskers and 9-inch talons – where she got this DNA, she doesn’t remember. Smokes, and has episodes of recreational drug use, but is trying to quit both cold turkey. Was married to a rich tycoon once – for the money – post his death, has been in a friends-with-benefits relationship with a police sniper named Charlene. Has been writing as long as she can remember, short stories, song lyrics and whatnot, so the transition to her current job in journalism came to her naturally.

Is non-religious and politically neutral – she does, however, believe that life without art and sex is akin to limbo, and that The PC is a massive bunch of cretins. Is bisexual and aggressively promiscuous, her endless streak of one night stands being a running joke among friends, and the source of many, many embarrassing and disgusting anecdotes (most involve maid outfits, people dressing as squids and other dark aspects of Asian culture). She identifies as female, but thinks gender roles are hogwash and that ultimately, the only real difference between men and women is whether you have a womb or not.

Has repeated instances of migraine and blackouts, and has suffered from extensive amnesia for decades – everything during and preceding the Fall is a blank canvas. One of her primary goals at the moment is to restore her memories, and find out what causes her seemingly unexplained neurological condition.


Mona Choovanski

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