Proxy Houston

"You have one job, agents. Humanity depends on you - ACT LIKE IT!"


Joshua Santiago is a simple man with a simple goal: to ensure that the humanity will live through this crisis not only as a species, but as humans.
Most sentinels only know him as Proxy Houston and learning his birthname (from him, not by hacking his ectos) is seen as a sign of respect.


#Excerpt from Firewall datafile: Joshua Santiago a.k.a. Proxy Houston

Joshua was born on Earth, in the city of Chicago. Like most of his generation, he enlisted young and served his youth in the many border skirmishes that raged through North America in 30 BF.
After the war he volunteered in the newborn Confederation of American States’ space program as a marine.
During and after the Fall Joshua played a part in the founding of the Jovian Republic’s sphere of influence. While he never had a direct hand in play, Joshua was a loud proponent of preserving the infugees’ old national identities and form of goverment.

Joshua’s first contact with the Firewall was when he [REDACTED] after which he was shortly [REDACTED] by the Republic, and recruited by Proxy [REDACTED].

Currently Proxy Houston has been deployed in Extropia, a decision that has been questioned by [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. Nevertheless, Houston is and remains in active service.

Proxy Tillman: Known and loud biocon. Can he keep his opinions in check?

Proxy Houston

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