W-28 Operation Logs

W-28’s Alpha Fork’s Mission Log for Operation Think Before Asking (For Prime’s Eyes Only)

Beginning of Mission (0:00 hour)

Initial Report: Morph seems decent. Only serious lack the lack of shape adjusting. Note to prime-W-28: getting a Slitheroid with shape adjusting could be a good decision. Trading current morph for improved version of a Slitheroid a sound idea. Hope the inevitable merging won’t cause the memories of how good the body felt get lost.
Also: Commends for Tarzan, competent farcast expert, sleeved me without any issues, despite the additional difficulty coming from my more AI mind. Way better than the [SEARCHING APPROPRIATE INSULT] bloody stupid guy in Luna.


Begin Report: Encountered ‘swarm cats’. They showed plenty of cat videos. Gave them some rep, left me alone. Feel confused about what just happened.


Begin Report: Mission proceeding slowly. Katja got herself invited to some party, about to accompany her there.


Begin Report: Previous decision was a mistake. Found out what orgies are. Note to self: Never go to these. Katja seemed uncomfortable as well; main reason a crazy gothic style neotenic, if assessment correct.


Begin Report: Followed Katja to the operating base of ‘Buffalo Kings’. Nobody saw me. Buffalo Kings a local gang, potential lead – gave Katja a mission to release something next to the rival gang’s leader. Buffalo Kings leader claims the mysterious substance is harmless. Don’t believe him; don’t care. Katja hesitates to do it, despite the fact that she is a terrible person, just like the rest of us.


Begin Report: Katja had been invited to some bizarre habitat with a gothic theme. Everyone inside was crazy. Met a doctor. He was crazy. Meanwhile, Sindele is preparing for war. Again. Got the vial of mysterious stuff. Was revealed to be nanobots. Now only need to find the leader of Buffalo King’s rival gang, the Asgardians. Described as “feminazis”.

Day 2


Assessment: Sindele is a worse person than I am. Still, according to memories, the murder meatbag is very useful so he can be forgiven some questionable character traits.


Bored Report: Where the hell is this Asgard leader. Bloody meatbag with her bloody trees and bloody hiding place. Addendum: Practiced guitar playing skills on top of a roof top. Nobody cared. Hope Prime is having better luck. I can see how it would be disappointing that nobody cared both for the fork’s and the prime’s music.


Annoyed Report: Local AGIs prefer VR to RL. Will have only themselves to blame if meatbags one day decide that AGIs are a threat and disconnect the servers – no help for them if none in physical bodies. Probably should try to talk to some of them. Maybe a bit later, like when Sindele and Katja are busy doing something I can’t help with.


Realization: Don’t feel at home with even other AGIs. At least not these pieces of data trash. Probable cause them being regular uplifts. Can’t wait to get back to Extropia, at least got musician friends there. And some AGI anarchists.


Neutral Assessment: Sindele is also an idiot. Who lets a mad doctor experiment on themselves? Sindele, that’s who. At least that problem was solved, even if Sindele managed to make somebody hooked into a new drug called ‘Explode’ in his attempt to get a volunteer for the doctor’s experiments. ‘Explode’ does not make people explode. At least not in small doses.
Idea: Ask Sindele whether he thinks would large doses make someone explode. Potential weapon to use against Jovians.
Note: Make sure Houston never reads this.


Assessment: Probably should try to directly contact the bloody Asgards. Wish Ferrata was here, despite being a terrible person, at least he has a quick tongue. Would be helpful.
Note: Never tell Houston that I agree with his assessment that we are terrible people. Could give him the wrong idea – we might be terrible, but we are extremely good at what we do. And that’s what counts. Although I wish Sindele would stop giving criminals blueprints for hi-tech weaponry.

W-28 Operation Logs

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