Quote: To err is human. Dramatic Pause. I am not human.


Anomalous Mind, Social Stigma (AGI), Real World Naivete (from Emergent AGI background)
Black Mark 3 (Jovian Republic), Edited Memories, Distinguishing Feature (or trait, can’t remember exact wording)
Ambidexterous (prehensile tail), Common Sense (30 CP used for Free Fall-skill instead of a positive trait)
Morph had the ‘Enlarged Size’-trait, making it medium-sized instead of small
Sturdy or something as well?
Anarchists 30
Firewall 20
C-Rep 4

+ Agi Rights
+ Figuring Out The Past
- Jovian Interests

Primary synthmorph a canine flexbot with a stealth+combat bent.
Mercurian mentality, does not see it necessary to become humanlike or act like human. Believes that while uplifts, transhumans and AGIs are different, they should all be treated as living beings of similar worth.
Often states what type of phrase he is about to say before he says it, example “Insult: Meatbag.”

Covert Ops specialist, but also capable of high level data analysing in some amounts. Probably not the AGI you want for diplomacy what with his refusal to act like anything other than an obvious AGI.

Very loyal to people he considers his associates, partially thanks to the fact he was originally designed to be a loyal guardian/companion of a CEO’s daughter. Also expects the same loyalty from others; can be devastated if someone he trusts betrays him.

Has occasionally trouble understanding how non-AIs think, understands humour as a concept for instance, but doesn’t really understand why some jokes are funny and why some are not. Thrillseeking another one he doesn’t quite understand even if he finds the pursuit of new experiences interesting. Other peculiarities include the fact that he does not associate himself with either gender, believing that AGIs in general shouldn’t care about that – and might start arguing about it with AGIs who have taken up gender.

Dislikes AGIs who try to pass as humans or animal uplifts, feels that denying what you are is not only foolish but dangerous as well. Similarily W-28 is annoyed whenever he is forced to use a humanoid synthmorph because he thinks it is demeaning to use something obviously modeled after humans just to keep people happy. Prefers consistency over flexibility when it comes to morphs (so tries to use morphs that have familiar qualities, even if some other form of morph would be more handy, i.e. avoids biological morphs and prefers synthmorphs quite heavily. Actually feels sick in biological morphs, claiming that “Disgust: They are wet and they squelch!”). Also prefers similar looking morphs to his main morph, thinking that if he ever finds the CEO’s daughter again, he would want to look like something she’d recognize. Also finds it funny how some people seem confused as to why an AGI of all things wants an consistent appearance. Occasionally W-28 does things just to annoy people he doesn’t like – spite is one of the human emotions he has understood apparantely.

Somewhat annoyed that everyone at the Firewall cell seems to waste their time with this ‘MMORPG’, plays along, and rather efficiently at that, but often complains. Is especially annoyed at the Rogue class since he thinks they are underpowered – still plays one because “Annoyed statement: While weak, at least they have the theoretical capability for stealth, the obviously superior tactic. Addendum: The defective mind who keeps going AFK consistently should stop doing that, since it prolongs raids, ergo, adds to the timewasting that is Multi-Player Role-Playing Games (also known as MMORPGs).”

Dislikes being called a dog. Usually calls people who use that term either “meatbags”, “clankers” or “datatrash”, depending on their current morph. Consistently calls all Jovians meatbags.

Initial opinions regarding the other members of the Firewall cell:
Joshua Ferrarra: “Delighted statement: I once bought excellent bombs from one of the subsidiaries of his corporation. Excellent customer service. Addendum: Uses a synthmorph, the superior form of living.”
Katja Krylova: “Puzzled statement: Seems to think she can do everything alone. Potential risk on future missions. Note to self: Learn how to speak to fleshies good enough to convince her that we might all die CORRECTION lose our current morph if she fucks up in a critical moment due to refusing all help.”
That Neanderthal Uplift: “Vague statement: Seemed ok. Apparantely a singer of some sort. Addendum: Also was present on the True American prior to its destruction. Possible ally should some Jovian property be blown up again?”
Mona Choovansky: “Appherensive note: Seems slightly psychotic and overly violent. Perhaps a side effect of obviously modified biological morph? Additional note: Uses sarcasm a lot. Personal note: Learn how to detect sarcasm.”
Space Murder Hobo Sindele: “Slightly disturbed note: A horrible psychotic monster that seems to be able to move in what can only be described as bullet time. Delighted addendum: Good diversion though.”

W-28 Alpha Fork’s Operation Log Days 1-2


W-28 begun his “life” few years before the Fall as a non-sentient AI controlled canine guard bot of an old, now defunct line of robots, being used as a guard/companion of a daughter of a hypercorp’s CEO. W-28 has fragmented memories of that time, but feels a certain amount of nostalgia to that simpler time – sure, he was not actually sapient at the time, but he did not understand the concept at the time anyway. At some point, possibly during the conflicts around the Fall he was upgraded to full sentience – but what exactly happened to him during the Fall, he does not know. Obviously he was made into a fullblown sentient AGI, but W-28 does not know the details. Someone deleted most of his memories of that time, and he has only some fragmented images as memories of that time until his reactivation at [location to be determined, ideas welcomed]. It appears that he was shut down either during the Fall or shortly after it, and shipped off to [TBD] by an unknown party. While on the one hand, W-28 is disturbed by the lack of memories, on the other… some of the fragmented images and videos that consist his memories of that time are disturbing.

The last image file in W-28’s memory from the time of the Fall

The only thing he knows for sure is that someone used him as a weapon of some sort – the morph he was in at the time of reactivation was a heavily modified version of his old body (or a copy of it), upgraded with stealth and combat capabilities. W-28 spent a couple of years in the service of a Mercurial subfaction – that could perhaps be even called a bunch of terrorists – that awoke him as a service for the reactivation, pissing off some members of Jovian Junta in the progress due to the way he was involved in an operation that resulted in a loss of a sizable chunk of Jovian resources. While he regrets the possible adverse effect to civilians, W-28 considers Junta members to be “Meatbag barbarians”. Dislike is most likely mutual – especially since security cameras did catch W-28 onboard Jovian Junta’s space ship the True American one hour before its destruction and he does have a habit of sticking to similar looking morphs.

After his stint with the Mercurials was over, he kept the ideology if not the methods, feeling a bit tired with violence – despite the fact that his preferred canine synthmorph is essentially a weapon, before being recruited by Firewall W-28 earnt his living as an analyst for a while, W-28 does have a good head for tactical analysis. Why W-28 accepted the offer was a combination of two things, one is because he ultimately thinks that transhumanity as a whole needs defending, no matter whether it means defending uplifts, humans or AGIs, and for another because he believes that perhaps Firewall could help him find answers as to what happened to W-28 during the Fall – and especially what happened to the CEO’s daughter. There is one image in his memory of the corpse of the CEO himself with the backup destroyed as one of the fragmented memories, but the last image of the daughter is from pre-Fall. W-28 is unsure why he is certain that she is still out there somewhere, but he hopes that he is not wrong.

The random memory files of the Earth during the Fall are sometimes really weird – and for some reason often filled with static and in black and white. This confuses W-28.

KOMMENTTI: Mitään hajua mitä Fallin aikana tapahtui W-28:lle (paitsi että TITANit eivät kontrolloineet tätä), Aleksi voi vapaasti keksiä sivujuonta siihen liittyen jos haluaa.

kommentti 2: vähän updatea, typojen korjailua ja pikku lisäyksiä (kuten pieni shoutout Hoffan hahmolle MMORPG kommentin kohdalla descriptionissa). Myös korjattu se että biossa puhuin W-23:sta enkä W-28:sta.

kommentti 3: lisää typojen korjailua ja tarkennuksia, luultavasti viimeisetkin W-23 viittaukset siivottu. Myös ajattelin että se operaatio jossa suututti Jovianit johti avaruusaluksen tuhoon.

W-series by Exotech (latest model 35)
Flexbot can do some really, really cool shit


Eclipse Phase: Operation Firewall MikkoK