Joshua "Super-Salaryman" Ferrata

In a world where intelligence is artificial, I find that best way to benefit from it is through artificial intelligence.


Businessman with style. Owns a security/robotics corp dedicated on robotic defense .

(not the actual corp, name still under construction)

Has a synthetic (with a mask) salaramyn-morph loaded with hidden weapons, exoskeleton and pneumatic limbs, giving him the identity Super-Salaryman.

This is the company mascot, his personal 2go-morph and a famous tv-face, doing publicity stunts (like punching his fists through the wall) and more.

Has since upgraded company mascot to Ferraman.





Sherlock Hoffe

Tohtori Sykerö



Middle-class family, italian origins, average life before the Fall. Death.


His death during the Fall caused major damage to his physical capabilities. Why and when this happened is unknown, but it is related to moments before his last backup was taken.

Re-instantiated after prolonged recuperation, thanks to his family. Still feels shit in physical bodies. Prefers to live virtually, unless sleeving is necessary. Prefers synths, doesn’t really care about biological life anymore.
" Sometimes I create a VR just to simulate how to eat. I would probably forget otherwise"

Extropian anarchocapitalist. Saw the potential in robotics and AI development when others found it scary. (after the Fall)
Prefers , doesn’t like the slave labor and indenture programs that hypercorps do.

" Stupid people fear for nothing, good for me. I think that transhumanity has learned the lesson about AI’s already.

Found love while doing business with a gatecrashing team. Actually went on a gatecrashing mission with her. Didn’t go well. She was actually infected with exsurgent-virus. The infection was hidden for quite a time and her backup was infected. Her current location is somewhere hidden inside the firewall.

Joshua was devastated, and dedicated all his time working, to ease the pain. At the same time he is trying to find a way to cure this so called exsurgent virus and he is hoping that working with firewall will lead to this. He has been warned.

Still in contact with the gatecrasher team.There is this one guy who is sleeved as a nautiloid, funny as hell.

Prefers infomorph lifestyle inside the corp server, where doing business contracts, plans and management simultaneously is a breeze. Forking is also cool, dozen of you in different business meetings at the same time, fuck yeah.


Uses various mesh avatars, one of his favorites is an Iron"bear"man. (it’s not like Marvel has copyrights or anything)

Plays MMO:s with other firewall agents when he has “free” time (so like… never), nicknamed as the “AFK-King” by fellow agents. Wonders why, It’s not like they can find out the difference between him and a delta fork…

Really likes martial arts and fighting games. Currently the world champion in both Virtual Fighter MDLXIII and Guilty Gear: Ascension A Core Plus Overdrive R Judgement XT.

Joshua "Super-Salaryman" Ferrata

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